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Michelle West

I have been working in the Sewing Industry for over 20 years.  My knowledge, experience and understanding has been built through the extensive levels of employment that I have been privileged to experience throughout that time.


I had always been attracted to spending time in sewing centres from an early age.  My grandmother taught me to sew at 4 and we moved over the road from a sewing centre when I was 5.  I would regularly call in and say hello on my way past and see what the ladies were up too.  Yes…. I was that pesky child!  My passion for Sewing and the Sewing Industry began way back then.


Beginning my career in Central Queensland as sales staff, I learned what the industry was all about and loved it!  I went on to manage sewing centres, sales and education to owning my own store here on the Sunshine Coast.  It was the education and sharing my knowledge throughout all of this that really developed as my true passion.  


I want to share my passion for sewing and the knowledge I have gained over the past 20 plus years.  The joy I see on the faces of those I teach is infectious and I can’t put into words just how happy and passionate it makes me, and the others in the class, feel.  


My mission is to help those who have purchased a sewing machine, overlocker or coverstitch machine to understand it and be able to make it sing (another one of my passions!).  Age is no barrier.  I was taught to sew at 4, as I said previously.  The next generation, as are the older ones, are just as gifted and creative and I want to surround them with the knowledge that they need to make their sewing experience a life changing one.  Sewing and creating should be relaxing and calming… an escape from the ‘everyday’.  


Don’t ever be afraid to try something new.  The journey you take to create will be one of learning and growth, both of your craft and of yourself.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Celebrate each small (or large) achievement along the way.


I am in the process of writing a series of Workbooks and creating Video Tutorials that will focus on Sewing Machine, Overlocker, Coverstitch and Accessory Feet knowledge.  Not another ‘How To…’ series but rather a ‘Why’ version of information.  


My free time is spent with my beautiful 3 grandchildren, my daughter, my son, my parents, my extended family, friends and the love of my life on the Sunshine Coast.  


I look forward to our journey together.  You never stop learning.  I am sure throughout our journey together, you will be able to teach me something too!